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We are currently under pre-development phase and seeking" strategic partners and investors" for the first phase of our development of ShopCast.com prior to launching the service.

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Merilon is an incubator and investment holding company.

Merilon's primary mission is to co-develop projects from concept to launch, together with strategic partners and private equity investors.

Please browse our main web site at Merilon.com for any further information, or if there is anything you wish to discuss with us then please contact us at Merilon.com.

What we do

Projects under development:

This DOMAIN is NOT FOR SALE as the project is under development and we are seeking partners and private investors - so please STOP asking us if its for sale. Unless you made a $10 MILLION PLUS offer we might then reconsider our position of not selling it.

For more information on this or others projects please contact us directly at

Investors & Partners

Seeking Strategic partners and Angel Investors

Merilon is seeking strategic partners and private investors to help accelerate our project development. Please contact us if interested in discussing ways you may get involved, such as co-development, financially, or otherwise.

  • Co-development.
  • Financially.
  • Joint-Ventures opportunities.
  • Brand placement advertising opportunities.
  • or otherwise.


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If you would like to contact us about anything please email us.

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